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Lily Van Tongeren with Bibi (over 12 years old)

Unfortunately older dogs ending up in a cage in a shelter is a regular occurrence due to a family change in circumstance... having lived in a loving home, this is a very traumatic experience for a dog.

Therefore we aim to build a Forever Foster Home network to enable us to place more senior dogs in loving home settings for the latter part of their lives.

Senior dogs, especially those with medical problems or disabilities, face a gloomy future - if any - at shelters than younger dogs, this is because it is difficult to find adopters for them due to their shorter life expectancy and unknown veterinary costs.

Most of these wonderful senior dogs are able to live happily with a good quality of life if given a chance. They make wonderful companions because they are mature, calm, and loving. It can be more difficult for them to settle in and, once they do, it is difficult for them to move again. For this reason we strive to find them adoptive or forever foster homes where they can live out their retirement years as a beloved family member.

We aim to provide sanctuary for older dogs to feel calm and comfortable and also help blind and handicapped animals so they can move around, play and sleep with ease.

Some of the senior dogs under Aim Sanctuary’s care come from shelters, killing stations or have been relinquished when an owner has died or is no longer able to look after their dog.

We source and provide the best possible veterinary care and quality food for our seniors while they are assessed and then seek a forever foster or adoption for them to see out their days.

We have set up a virtual adoption program to sponsor individual dogs, so that we can care for them properly, please read more in our Sponsorship section. Whether you help through monetary donations, fostering, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.

It is very hard and often traumatic for a senior dog to transition to a new home late in life. We urge anyone contemplating the surrender of their dog to consider whether you’ve exhausted all possible avenues that would allow you to retain ownership of your dog. If you need help keeping your dog, please let us know and we will do our best to provide assistance.

Our Aim is to give senior dogs some peace and comfort where they can live with dignity no matter how long that may be, their quality of life is our priority.


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