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PPP Dogs

Elise Dunweber

In Spain some dogs are categorised as PPP (perros potencialmente peligrosos - potentially dangerous). We have a shared passion for helping these dogs who are quite often misunderstood. Whilst most dogs all have the potential to be dangerous - these dogs are more likely to do serious damage if left in the wrong hands. This is why there is a strict licensing protocol for these animals. We aim to educate and assist with sensible and responsible dog ownership particularly for these breeds (listed below). The law states that these animals must be owned by a responsible owner that has been through the legal requirements to own one.

During our work we have encountered many potential adopters oblivious to these rules so we work with the town halls to share information on how serious adopters obtain their license. The rules can vary depending on municipality but most local governments will require you to provide: proof of residence and empadrionamento, certified proof of a clean criminal record, proof of liability insurance and certificate of health check ensuring that you are physically capable and stable enough to care for a dog falling into the PPP category. We can assist and guide you through this process if you are minded to adopt a PPP dog.

Unfortunately dogs in this category have a bad reputation and some are even banned in other countries. It is our strong belief that educating humans on these specific breeds is absolutely crucial to responsible dog ownership. Unfortunately people are quick to blame the wrong end of the leash…

Our Aim is to give these dogs a chance by preventing problems and creating solutions…

Breeds classified as potentially dangerous & requiring a licence in Spain:

• Akita Inu • American Staffordshire Terrier • Boxers • Bull Terriors • Dobermans (Andalucia only) • Dogo Argentino• Fila Brasileiro • Napolitan Mastiffs • Pit bull Terrier • Presa Canarios • Rottweiler • Staffordshire Bull Terrier • Tosa Inu

Dogs with certain characteristics of these breeds can also classed as potentially dangerous, if in doubt always check with a trusted veterinarian.


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