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Puppy Initiative

Deborah Charles

Tiny puppies through to adolescent dogs need different types of care and support. Puppies are vulnerable especially those that are separated from their mother too early. Shelters can unfortunately pose a big risk of infection to unvaccinated puppies such as coronavirus, guardia and the deadly parvo virus. In terms of development there are various stages in a the early months of a dogs life that are absolutely crucial to the character building of the adult dog they will become.

Caring for very young and new/born puppies that have been orphaned is a challenging but rewarding task.

They need constant attention, feeding, warmth, and love to grow into healthy and well-adjusted adults.

Our foster carers are experienced and passionate about providing a safe and nurturing environment for these vulnerable pups. They expose them to the sights, sounds and smells of everyday life, such as household noises, children and visitors.

They also help them socialize with humans and other animals, which is essential for their development. We start the house-training process and also introduce them to different environments and elements while they are in the “no fear” stage of their development. These early experiences shape the puppies' personalities and behaviour and prepare them for their future homes. The puppies are usually ready for adoption after 8 weeks of age, when they are fully weaned and vaccinated but we take our time to ensure that they leave us to go to the right homes.

“Our aim is to give our puppies the very best start in life”.


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