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AIMS Against Bullfighting

The bull suffers

Aims is campaigning strongly against Bullfighting. We feel bullfighting is an absolute disgrace. It has no place in modern day society and is a devaluation of Spanish culture and belongs in the past. What many people may not know is this barbaric animal cruelty begins days before the animals enters the ring:

What does the bull endure prior to the fight day?

  • The animal is contained in a dark box.

  • Wet newspapers shoved in his ears to mute sound.

  • Vaseline rubbed into his eyes to blur them.

  • Cotton and pepper stuffed into his nostrils to inhibit his breathing.

  • Lungs punctured.

  • Needles inserted into his genitals.

  • corrosive solution rubbed on his legs to unbalance walking but also to prevent him from lying down.

These actions are routinely done to disorientate the animal. Once he is finally let out of the box he vaguely sees a light at the end of a tunnel whereby he runs thinking he is finally free only to to be met by more torture followed by an agonising slow and painful death. Many people are also unaware of the impact on the horses used at bull fights - they have to endure an immense amount of stress including:

  • sensing the bull suffering and smelling blood and death in close proximity

  • being attacked by the panicked bull when he is struck in the neck by the picador

  • his vision is blinkered so he cannot see where the danger is coming from and cannot run away

  • having to dodge the bulls horns with a very high risk of being catastrophically injured

Aims' opinion is that this is a barbaric practice and should be banned. Our view of Spanish culture lies in art, literature, music and cuisine. Killing animals for entertainment is not culture it is torture. A new poll shows that most people in European Bullfighting Countries want bullfighting banned. The majority of people in European bullfighting countries are against the harmful tradition according to CAS International.

Please help us by signing our petition to end this practice and support our call to stop the fight taking place on the 8th June in the Marbella Bull Ring:

Firma la petición

Aims will be joining others at a peaceful protest outside the bull ring on the 8th June. For more information please contact


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